The Name

What’s with the name?Photo by jimy40_2008 on Flickr

Buddha has become iconic and ubiquitous. We’re all familiar with the image of the Buddha. We’ve read the quotes. We likely have a statue in our home or garden. But something is missing. There’s something more.

Indeed, there is a new consciousness emerging on the planet and it is time to allow everything to “go new”, including ancient and sacred wisdom. Including you. This name, Happy Buddha Breathing, captured the essence of that idea for me. It is infused with the “freshness, passion, imagination and creativity” that are the faithful companions of “new”.

My approach to this blog, my wisdom, my creations, my life, is to breathe new life into it all. To add pure consciousness into old ideas about awakening, awareness and enlightenment. To go beyond the words held within the quotes into the wisdom they contain. To break free from the fixed and limiting form of a statue and all that it represents. Into a living, breathing experience and expression. Remembering that it wasn’t meant for one. It is meant for us all. It’s not lofty and out of reach. It’s real and reachable. It’s what’s natural, if we allow it.

It’s time to bring it all to life.





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Photo by jimy40_2008 on Flickr








  1. One should always be pragmatic in these matters as you say Jessica. Experience is everything, and if we remain within the dusty environs of the intellect, then we can only travel so far. May I ask of you, are you or were you a practising Buddhist, or are your ontological/philosophical leanings that way inclined?


    1. Thank you for connecting Hariod. I have an awareness of lifetimes with Buddha. There are so many beautiful teachings in so many of the world’s religions. And on this journey, I have moved beyond the need for those kind of structures. I live, embody and engage sovereignty, compassion, love, simplicity, clarity and wisdom…not attached to any form of structure, but instead as a daily intuition experience guided by my own divinity within, my own soul’s passion.

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  2. Love you my dear friend Jessica. There are so many great people in this world. Sometimes we just need to find each other and recharge and reconnect. Thanks for helping us do that here.


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