Be Inspired: 01.11.18

The quieter you become the more you hear.

~ Ram Dass




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Beauty Break: 10.30.15


La Push - By (Jordan Voth) - (Follow on Tumblr)

brazenbvll Statuesque

Native American Men- David Midthunder

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22_0069 Collybia sp by MycoImage on Flickr

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La Push – By (Jordan Voth) – (Follow on Tumblr)
brazenbvll Statuesque

Native American Men- David Midthunder
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Found on alaska-alaskaa.tumblr.com
Found on thefullerview.tumblr.com
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22_0069 Collybia sp by MycoImage on Flickr
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Love Gush: 08.31.15

I just stumbled across a beautiful video this morning. It speaks with the language of the world I choose to create. The world where self love, self compassion, the honoring and valuing of the intangible bits rises to meet up with the world that is. I’m not saying one is wrong and one is right. I’m saying we’ve been out of balance to one side for so long. I’m saying my heart aches for the whole world and everyone in it to find their balance, find their own peace. I’m saying I’m committed to radiating, allowing, inviting, encouraging the invisible things like love, compassion, feeling and sensing, intuiting, imagining…being. Always coming back to the deep, conscious breath. I’m saying I’m interested in a gentle, richer, fuller, deeper, more joyful, more meaningful experience. Creating a world where softness is valued, too. One where time and resources are alotted for quiet, for self reflection, awareness. Sweet, intimate moments together, sharing love, sharing of self. Where ease and grace are applauded. One that does not revere busy for the sake of busy.

I know it’s possible because it lives inside of me. I have worked intentionally, diligently, passionately to create my life around these powerful, important yet intangible, unseen things. Fiercely going beyond what is, what has been, out of love for self, desire born out of knowing there’s more, knowing I am more. Moving in a place of knowing that the Universe is not singular. If one can do it, it can be repeated by many. Just think of the ripples. Simply awesome.

There is information at the end of the video. I didn’t explore that. I’m not promoting that. I am offering this video for its beauty, gentleness, kindness and quiet fierceness. These beautiful women beautifully naming and claiming beingness. It felt so resonant to me, I just had to share it. Many blessings.

Here’s the video:  Being.




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Stephanotis (Stephanotis floribunda), photographed at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD © Cindy Dyer.