Beauty Break: 02.05.19

Repeat:  pleasingly purple.

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Hummingbird by Jessica Buhman


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Inspiration board pink & leopard print and lettering is not fonts by this is glamorous on Flickr
Fading Flower Prints By Trine Hisdal
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Found on margadirube.tumblr.com
Found on noperfectdayforbananafish.tumblr.com
Hummingbird by Jessica Buhman
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Beauty Break: 07.14.18

Once again, exploring art in place.

room for art 1

room for art 4

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 pink art yellow couch

great wall display by etta

Agapanthus by Nigel Burkett

Farrow and Ball

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room for art 2

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Michael Smith Interior via Architectural Digest
White flowers found on kimgray.co.za
Via thefullerview
great wall display by etta
Agapanthus by Nigel Burkett
Interior with yellow chair by Farrow and Ball
Interior found on houseandgarden.co.uk
Lily found on livingpierside.tumblr.com