Beauty Break: 08.17.18

Gaga, again, for Guinevere.

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white rose blooms

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Queen Guinevere’s Maying by John Collier | post from the blog Pre Raphaelite Art on Bloglovin’
Found on ltlwicked.tumblr.com
Found on postris.com
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Found on inspirationbyliz.tumblr.com
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Beauty Break: 04.28.18

Back from the past.

Boules blanches

delicate collage


FRANCE_ Kehinde Wiley

ornate stemware

gold and black mask for the ball golden rose cake

from Jaded Mandarin

Contemporary Art Deco paperpointed LamaLi paper black on tan

Portrait of Queen Anne (detail) by John Closterman

Thomas Gainsborough - Princess Augusta (1782) Portrait of Marten Looten (detail)_Rembrandt van Rijn

white flowers and bee_Tom Seliskar

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Duchess of Savoy (detail)_sc3a1nchez-coello

Boules blanches
The Winged Victory at the Louvre
FRANCE by Kehinde Wiley
Contemporary Art Deco paperpointed LamaLi paper black on tan
Portrait of Queen Anne (detail) by John Closterman
Princess Augusta by Thomas Gainsborough
Portrait of Marten Looten (detail)_Rembrandt van Rijn
White flowers and bee by Tom Seliskar

Beauty Break: 02.10.18

Around another time…white flowers. Elegant or casual. So chic! So beautiful!

Gardenia jasminoides by .Matt

white tulips 41725 by Clive Nichols

multiple vases

white poppies dogwood

120428_PEONIES 0075 by Sarah Ryhanen

egg_flowers by petraweissova on Flickr

wooden box_roses

cosmos and mint lilly of the valley

blooming branches

And for more beauty and upliftment from the natural world, watch this stunning timelapse video (just past the ad) of flowers blooming. Thank you, Kay Seliskar!

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Gardenia Jasminoides by .Matt via Flickr
Parrot Tulips/41725 by Clive Nichols
Peonies Arrangement/120428_PEONIES 0075 by Sarah Ryhanen
Simply Southern Peonies by Petra Weissova on Flickr
Blooming Branches from The Painted Hive