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The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt.

~ Sylvia Plath



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Wise Words: You Are the Point

You are the point.
I am the point.
Each and everyone of us is the point.

The point of existence.
The point of awareness.
The point of creating.
The point of receiving.

You are the point.

The point of presence.
The point of Light.
The point of attraction.
The point of Life.

You are the point.

The point of love.
The point of compassion.
The point of wisdom.
The point of connection.

You are the point.

It begins with you.
It ends with you.
The brilliantly, beautiful point.




[Originally posted Mar 25, 2016]

Inspired by Adamus Saint-Germain and Shaumbra
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Wise Words: Giving Your Power Away?

A wise one (Tobias) once said that when you distill it all down to its simplest form, every personal issue humans have can be summed up with the question:

How are you giving your power away?

I actually think it’s more like you not claiming your own authority over yourself and your own domain and the result is that there’s a “power vacuum” and you end up, by habit, default or whatever else is effecting you, giving your authority over to another. Whew…I need to take a deep breath after that mouthful!

It can happen in so many ways! Loud and obvious ways. Quiet, subtle or insidious ways. We give it without being aware…or fully aware. We give it out of fear or habit or deference. We give it willingly. We give it to family, friends, religious leaders, governments. Even the mean lady at the grocery store checkout. If you’re like me, once you start looking, you’ll be in shock and maybe a little saddened how often it happens.

It was startling to me when I was first presented with this concept. Because up to that point it did seem like others had an authority or power over me or a part of me or my life. Of course. Duh. Parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, pastors…the list goes on. And then that moment of really thinking about what it means. Wait. What??? No! You’re not the boss of me! So, what? That means I am? Yeah! I am! I’m the creator of my life. I am sovereign. I am not a victim. I say. I choose. I create. I AM THAT I AM! Damn it.

What a concept! The idea that you create your life. You are sovereign. You are your own authority, your own counsel. Think about it. Who is in charge of you and your life? Really. Who? YOU! Feel into it. It’s true. There is lots and lots in our world to distract from this idea. There are many people who would prefer you not step into your own power and authority. I won’t go into that, but it is absolutely in your best interest to claim it. Do you really want others making decisions for you? In essence that’s what’s happening when you’re not in charge of your life. All I have to do is spend a bit of time on Facebook to know I don’t want “those folks” running my life!!! What do they say? Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

I am my own authority!

When I realized this was true, it was like the floodgates had opened during a monsoon! Excitement, fear, passion, hesitation, energies and emotions of all kinds, mixed and surged through me. In a split second I felt like I was overtaken by a huge wave, lifted off my feet, tumbled around, tossed onto the shore, not knowing which way was up. It took a moment to catch my breath and pull my shirt down and my pants up. ; ) It took another moment to make sure I was still in one piece, no broken bits. And yet several more moments to realize I had a whole new reality to understand, get used to and master.

It has taken years to get where I am. And there are moments when it feels like yet another layer has been peeled away, revealing wisdom and simplicity. Compassion for me…and humanity.

As I write this, I feel a rush of excitement just thinking about the implications of this notion: I AM THAT I AM. I am sovereign. I am the point of creation of my life. The point of receiving. The point of presence. The point of expression. It all happens right here, right now. And is ever expanding, ever flowing. Non-stop.

Sure, I can pinch of the flow and play in the darkness, the separateness, the fear. It’s my choice. By default or intention. Because not to choose is also to choose. But it is not my/your/our natural state. And all things seek resolution. So it will eventually, after moments or lifetimes, right itself, come back into unity, become what’s natural once again.

I feel the flow of that good feeling of knowingness rushing through me. That feeling of being centered with self. In a place of clarity within me. Knowing that all truly is well. Ready for all of my creations to come to me. Breathing with them and allowing them to return to the point where they began. Me! The place where the spark of inspiration fired off shooting rockets of desire or intention or passion (to draw from Abraham-Hicks). Me! Soaring off to gather the energies and resources and people and appropriate timing and whatever is necessary for the creation to realize. So it can come back to me! The one who’s job it is to just know and trust and not doubt that it will return in its highest expression…if I allow it.

So I ask you…how are you giving your power away? And doesn’t this, what I describe, sound like way more fun?! Can you be so bold? Do you dare?

My suggestion:  Claim it!


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Wise Words: The Void

As Friday drew nearer and nearer and I wasn’t hearing anything (like I usually do) for the post, I suddenly realized THAT was the focus. The void. Sometimes we’re just in the void.

In my experience, the void is the place of nothing, neutral, zero…which becomes everything. It all begins as nothing. Everything starts as nothing. That’s not just a big, heady thought, it’s how things work. It’s all just energy, sitting in a neutral state, until it’s called into becoming something…no longer neutral, zero, nothing.

You’re not energy, though.

Here’s how I understand things…

I am a souled creator being…consciousness. You are a souled creator being…consciousness. I exist. You exist. Period.

We, as creator beings, use energy as the tool with which to create our reality. It is all meant to serve you. [A topic for another post.]

That’s big…significant…maybe a deep breath is in order…

{Deep, conscious breath here}

So when it feels still and quiet…or things feel stalled out…things may simply be in the void…a place that you can’t sense yet.

The void can feel uncomfortable. It can cause questions, doubts and fears to stir and rise to the surface. The trick here is not to come to the wrong conclusion. I always have to remind myself…oh yeah, that’s just the void. There is nothing wrong. It’s easy to head that direction, but there’s nothing wrong here. All is well. Your creations, your solutions, your life is on its way. No need for doubt. However, that’s easier said than done, at first. As a former worrier, it always felt like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop or like the dreaded calm before the storm. But it rarely was. That was my mind trying to come up with a story and my habit or pattern was to create a story that would cause worry. I did the work to weed out the old patterns and get at the roots of issues that helped me put a stop to that habit.

Eventually, I discovered that there are only a few questions that are truly appropriate here:  Am I willing to trust myself? Can I sit calmly in the unknown, not needing to know the how of it all? Allow the mystery? Can I allow myself to be and feel safe and sound and secure within myself, not connected that to anything external? And can I allow…allow it all to come to me? Just feel and breathe it…and allow. These are not the questions of a worrier or doubter or one who plays only in the mind. They are the questions of one who stands in the position of creator, the creator of his/her life.

So, next time the void comes ’round, I invite you to see it for what it is. Take a deep centering breath. Step into the place of trusting you. And trust that you know what it is. Then allow…allow it all to come to you…to unfold…to happen in the appropriate order, the perfect order. There is nothing wrong. All is truly well. And if you get your mind out of it, what arrives may just be so much grander than the limits of your mind would allow!

It’s simple! Whether it’s easy or not is up to you. Why not choose easy?!

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