black swan

Beauty Break: 09.14.15

What’s black and white and red all over?

Luli Sanchez_circles and lines

Luli Sanchez_black, white stem

Luli Sanchez_red lips

Katja Ollendorff

Found on kingcreative.tumblrdotcom

Luli Sanchez_black, white and red

Found on amazondotcom

magnolia 4 by Sky-Genta

Found on allpostersdotcom

Pattern by Luli Sanchez and Russell Busch

Luli Sanchez_Haring-inspired

red door





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Black Swan – Side On by Old-Man-George
Circles and Lines by Luli Sanchez
Black, White Stem by Luli Sanchez
Red Lips by Luli Sanchez

Floral pattern by Katja Ollendorff
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Black, white and red by Luli Sanchez
Found on
magnolia 4 by Sky-Genta
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Geometric pattern by Luli Sanchez and Russell Busch
Haring-inspired by Luli Sanchez


Beauty Break: 05.26.15

Inspired by woodland, faeries and flowers.

Stow on the Wold by vissago

helen dardik - an abstract pattern Dominik Jasinski

into the forest

katha quilt detail

bold gold and black rings


fairy garden statue

becca stadtlander

n279_w1150 by BioDivLibrary

black swan_Tom Seliskar ornate red door_Marrakesh, Morocco

black swans_romany soup


Black swan by Tom Seliskar
Images found on Pinterest
Hope Springs Eternal by Romany Soup
Stow on the Wold by vissago
Floral pattern by Helen Dardik
Image of woman with floral headdress by Dominik Jasinski
Dreaming of Pomegranates by Felice Casorati
Round image of flowers by Becca Stadtlander
Black flowers (n279_w1150) by BioDivLibrary
Black swans by Romany Soup