Wise Words: The Past Is Present

[Originally posted 02-06-2015]

As I’ve stated before, for many people, the past isn’t really the past, it isn’t history. It is the present. When there is an emotional wound or unresolved issue, it lives in the present moment. The original hurt, trauma or fear gets recreated and repeated. Essentially it’s relived again and again in one’s current life. It shows up in relationships, at home and at work. There it is. The past is [the] present.

You’ve heard the phrase “same shit, different day.”

The physics of it are simple. You magnetize to you a match to what is active within you, what you believe, what you focus on. Energy begets energy. These simple truths largely shape your reality.

Here’s another…


Recently my laptop went blank and then would not restart. Mercury is in retrograde after all. I tried a few tricks, but knew what I really needed to do was just pull the battery and begin again. It always worked with my old laptop. I was hesitant, however, because I had tried to pull the battery on this computer, but couldn’t figure out how to do it and had given up. To repeat that felt silly. Plus, the need to get at something on my computer, fairly quickly, was making me more determined.

I retrieved my folder containing all of the laptop information. There wasn’t much there, but all I needed was information on how to remove the battery. I opened the thin 3 page pamphlet which showed a few illustrations and even fewer words. But there it was. Once I saw it, it was so easy. And in this one sentence the profane becomes the profound. Once I saw it…that’s the key. Perception or perspective is reality.

What was impossible (removing the battery) suddenly became possible (removing the battery). The problem was that I kept looking at my new computer as if it were my old computer. I could only see how to remove the battery the old way. I wanted it to work the old way. And that was impossible. This computer didn’t work like that. So I couldn’t see the solution.

How often do we approach problems, issues, relationships in just this way? And in so doing, drag the past right into the present?

And so we stay stuck in the past…in the present….


Precious Story

We all have our stories we like to tell. Feel compelled to tell. Can’t help telling. Tell over and over again. Indeed, that was my history. I had stories that I would tell everyone. I couldn’t help myself. Everyone had to know my stories. I clung to them like a child clings to her blanket. They were precious to me. I took them on as my identity. I proudly claimed them as my own. I expanded them, embroidered them, cherished them.

Somewhere along my journey I had the eyes to see this habit. I became the observer of them. I developed the ability to stand back and see myself. I could see/feel the need to tell the story building within me. See myself telling the story. See people reacting, in a wide range of ways, to my story. Soon they didn’t feel so much like “my” story but “a” story.

In the end, it was clear that I had to explore the stories. One at a time, I delved into their origins, got at the roots. I feasted on them in order to know myself and just as much to know who I was not, or was no longer. I discovered, over a long period of time, that in the beginning, telling the story, knowing what happened in the past was filling a need. A coping mechanism. It was a way to own it, claim it, open my eyes to my experiences, rather than be in it with eyes closed, at the mercy of it. Telling the story felt powerful. It revealed a new level of truth to me. So, too, when that need is filled it’s time to let it go. I was not. I was reliving it over and over. I was propping up my identity with it. The story became stuck. I was now a victim to the story. What was once precious was now my prison.

Eventually I had to choose the compassionate way. To see, to feel, to know the past with clarity. Eyes and heart wide open. Glean the wisdom. And then let the story go. Stories can change. Or end. Truly.

As Adamus says, “The past isn’t what you think it is.” I now know things are always more than they seem. Multi-layered. Multi-faceted. Many perspectives. It is up to us to receive the wisdom and release the rest. Release the details, release the minutia. Give it its freedom, allowing it all to serve us. Where the past, history, our stories are concerned, there is a fine line between wisdom and wallow.

Where once we were victim, we now are wise.

Where once we were weak, we now are strong.

Where once we looked outside of ourselves, we now look within.

Where once we sought, now we know.

Want to see this in action? Watch the movie Groundhog Day. You can see Bill Murray’s character wake up and begin to rewrite his story. He’s self-serving and manipulative at first, but then real personal transformation takes hold. So beautiful!


Playing with the Past

If the past is just a story, really, one version of how things happened, then can’t we consider it somehow fluid? Couldn’t we play with it? I have used this idea on a number of occasions to overcome a pain from the past. You can rewrite history or rewrite your story. Here’s the gist…

When something from your past causes some concern for you…guilt, hurt, frustration, stuckness…rewrite it. Take this bit of history that has plagued you and turn it into something pleasant, empowering, or productive, whatever you choose. You’re the creator.

Try it for yourself…

Find a comfortable, quiet spot. A place where you feel safe, supported. I like to make a cup of tea, grab a soft throw and sit on my couch. Relax. Take some good deep breaths. Clear your mind of the day’s duties. Then conjure up the memories. Tell yourself the story. Remind yourself of the details. Feel all of the feelings that go with it. Sit with that for a bit.

Now, give yourself permission to rewrite that story. Take a deep breath. Loosen the grip you have on the old version. Allow yourself to go beyond the mind, beyond the old story. Begin to get clear about how you want it to go in this new version. Imagine the details. How would you want to feel? What do you want to experience? What is the outcome you prefer?

If this is challenging, you might try a tactic I use to help me get clear. I imagine the story as a photo snapshot. I’m very visual, so I give the story a picture. Then I imagine that picture on a chalkboard or a white board. And then I erase it. I just wipe it away. Simple? Works for me.

Once you have a sense of the new story, take a deep breath and dive into it. Let yourself feel it as if it is real. Picture it. Hear it. Walk through it. Live it in your imagination. Feel it in your body. Experience it.

Take a deep breath.

Congratulations! You’ve just rewritten history.

Wait…what’s that I hear???

Are the doubts coming in? Are you questioning it?

OK…here’s what I know…

Your perception is reality.

You’re the creator.

Everything is energy. [Except you. You are a sovereign souled being.]

This is all a very real, very important illusion.


You have just shifted old potentials, cleared out old energies that no longer serve you, and allowed new potentials to come into your reality.

If you allow it to be so, then it is.


Can you allow it? Can you put those doubts in their proper place…tell them to sit down and shut up?

It’s up to you.

What do you have to lose?

…nothing but your old worn out stories.

Watch what happens. You might be surprised.

This is when it starts getting fun! That’s why I call it playing with the past…not working.

Now, in the wise words of EN VOGUE from their 1992 hit song:

“Free your mind and the rest will follow.”




Wise Words: It’s heating up!

Hello All!
I don’t know about your week, but as I drove in traffic, spoke with people on the phone and stood in line at the grocery store, I was very aware that it’s heating up on Planet Earth. You can see it, hear it and feel it. It’s heating up in the news. Escalating at work. Ramping up in relationships. It is becoming unavoidable.

Intensity = Inner growth

From my perspective this is an incredible opportunity to do the (inner growth) work. Everything points to it. The squeeze. The pressures. It’s intense for a reason. A large, yet regularly ignored, part of you is crying out for you to do the work, to bring these things that are causing pain and pressure into awareness. To be seen, acknowledged and allowed to find resolution. It’s natural. The unnatural thing is ignoring, resisting, denying and hiding. Putting it off only means what we have to face later will be harder. The more we avoid our issues, the louder and bigger and more complicated they get.

If you’re ready to dig in, here are a few past posts to support you in getting a good, strong start:

Mirror, Mirror

Root Causes

What to Expect, Part 1

What to Expect, Part 2

An Invitation

There are resources everywhere. Ask and they will show up! I’m one. Looking for someone to help guide you through it all? Contact me. Remember:  It doesn’t matter how you begin. Just that you begin.

To quote Aristotle:

It takes great courage and inner strength to change from what is known and comfortable to something which is new and fresh. That which is unknown often contains our greatest potential. To step courageously from the old ways and habits into new directions and endeavors will bring great favor.

I’m sending blessings as you take that step!


Header Image:  The Inner Growth by Andre Ferrella | Evolutionary Artist of the Spirit


Wise Words: Awareness and Focus

In a couple of wonderfully powerful sessions with clients this week, we worked a great deal on awareness and focus. I feel strongly that daily life is most enjoyable and satisfying when it is a reflection of what we value, what we want and who we truly are. It’s so easy, however, to get distracted by the hectic pace life sometimes takes on. To be pulled off center. Or to be swayed by things, people, and situations around us that can be a little hypnotic and seductive. Being conscious, aware, and present to the present helps prevent the “creep” (life creep…similar to project creep) life can make into what we don’t want, without even realizing it. Before we know it our life is organized around obligation and has settled into default mode.

In support of being more aware and conscious and out of worry and mental chatter, I have two tools to share today. The first is to help cultivate the discipline to stay connected to you, which is critical to being in present moment (which is actually the only real moment) and conscious. Are you familiar with that sensation when you suddenly become aware that you’ve been thinking and worrying for some period of time? A few minutes…a few hours. You’re suddenly aware of you, aware of your thoughts and aware that you’re thinking your thoughts. Instead of just swimming in your thoughts.

There’s the worrying or thinking, the actual doing/experiencing it. And then there’s the witnessing it, as my friend Barb With points out. Being the witness is the place where you are noticing you and what’s happening. This place of witness/observer can be such a friend to you, because you can’t change something until you see…see how “it” is right now. When I become aware that I’m lost in thought or worry, I know I have a tool for that.

Stop. Breathe. Re-choose.

I was introduced to it in the Tobias materials and then learned to master it with the help of Barb. First, I notice. It used to take a half day of spinning in worry, more recently it’s just a minute or two. Second, I stop. I stop thinking. I stop trying to figure it out. I just stop. Next, I take a deep breath (of course!). Usually a few minutes of deep breaths. It starts the flow of ease again, the flow of your own energies. It helps get me out of my head and into my heart and into my body. I begin to relax a bit. I stop gripping or resisting more easily with the breath. I take some time to get clear about what I need or want. I can more easily see my resources. I ask myself:  What do I want? How do I want this to go? Then, I rechoose. Most often it’s something like ease and grace or efficiency or clarity…or all of them! Then, I allow that bigger part of me to go to work, the part that can see things from 10,000 feet and that can more creatively solve problems. I let it come to me…a feeling, a lifting of the mental fog, a knowingness, an inspired action to take, a creative solution, a resource or some support. I allow it. No forcing (the new force is no force). No pushing (you can’t push the river). Allowing. Trusting myself. Trusting that it’ll all come to me. And in my experience, it does.

To help keep my mind from slipping back into the chatter, to keep it occupied in a “positive” manner so it’s not tempted to go into the chatter and worry, I employ another tool that I learned from Esther Hicks. It’s called the Rampage of Appreciation.  Appreciating things is a great way to get yourself pointed downstream, allowing the easy flow, in a powerful way. If worry and mental spinning is an upstream paddling/efforting, then a rampage of appreciation is flowing downstream.

As soon as I notice the banter or negative spinning, I hear a little voice in my head saying “Turn the boat around. Lift your paddles.  Let yourself turn.  Everything you want is downstream.” So I stop, take a deep breath, and start appreciating.  It can be about anything, something as mundane as driving.  Let me give you an example:

I’m driving down the road and I start saying to myself in my head or out loud…either works…

It sure is nice to drive on dry roads. I appreciate all the safe drivers around me today. How nice it is to live in a place where I see a highway patrolman who is helpful to that stranded driver. I love my car. I love it so much that I gave it a name. When I turn the key it starts. It always gets me where I want to go. It’s clean and efficient. 

And so on…

You can do this with anything that you want to focus your appreciation on…your passions, music on the radio, your creations, the deliciousness of your lunch, your relationships. And then notice how you begin to feel relief. Notice how your mind stops clicking negative thoughts and working in a positive, supportive way. And you just feel better.

Both tools. Simple.  Effective.  Free (but priceless).   ; )

Want more? Check out a rampage from Esther on YouTube. She has her own YouTube channel. This is yet one more perspective and one more resource. Feel into it. You get to choose.

Happy weekend!


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Images by Antonio Mora