Adamus St. Germain

Be Inspired: 05.13.18

I Exist, in wisdom.
Such beauty.
Perhaps the most perfect poem ever written,
the most beautiful song ever sung.
I Exist, in wisdom.

~ St. Germain




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Wise Words: You Are the Point

You are the point.
I am the point.
Each and everyone of us is the point.

The point of existence.
The point of awareness.
The point of creating.
The point of receiving.

You are the point.

The point of presence.
The point of Light.
The point of attraction.
The point of Life.

You are the point.

The point of love.
The point of compassion.
The point of wisdom.
The point of connection.

You are the point.

It begins with you.
It ends with you.
The brilliantly, beautiful point.




[Originally posted Mar 25, 2016]

Inspired by Adamus Saint-Germain and Shaumbra
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