Photo by Michelle Moran

Jessica embodies beauty. Its essence, its spirit. In a shared moment, an expressed idea, a thoughtfully arranged room — everything she creates emanates from her deep passion and abiding love for beauty. As a stylist, Jessica has an uncanny ability to “hear” how things and spaces communicate with each other and an amazing way of seeing marvelous connections often hidden to others. All of which result in beautiful and pleasing spaces and experiences.

Jessica has lived and worked all over the country. She has a natural design sense that was honed and polished in her years as a Fashion Buyer for Nordstrom, Corporate Trainer for David’s Bridal and Shop Owner.

After a day of re-styling a client’s home, Jessica, of course, is delighted to hear them praise not only how it looks but how it feels. Just invite her into your home for a day and you will experience beauty in your surroundings in ways you’ve never imagined!

Services available in the Madison, WI area.

Photo by Michelle Moran