About Coaching

Coach for Awakening & Well Being

This is a time of new and expanding consciousness. Many people have a deep desire to experience their true selves, free of limited beliefs imposed by their own history and stories. To delve into their own personal awakening. To create a life of joy and richness, creativity and passion, ease and grace — as it was meant to be.

It’s simple, really. You are the creator of your life. Whether you know it or not. Whether you’re acting like it or not. This is not a woo-woo concept, it’s physics. And it’s natural. So, actually, it’s more like forgetting (letting go of) the beliefs and experience that convince you otherwise. I work with those who want to remember how to consciously create their lives.

In addition, understanding yourself and your creativity (how you really create your life) from this expanded perspective is a natural way to approach stress relief and reducing anxiety. Gaining full access to true well being.

Real Transformation…jessica_butterfly

Transformation happens when you become aware of the layers and layers of “stuff” (what you are not) that has been heaped on you by life, by others, even by you, and letting them go. It is opening up and seeing yourself, your life, your relationships clearly. It is intricate and intimate work. And it is the sacred work I am honored to do with my clients.

This is powerful work. It is not for everyone. I am not for everyone. I am clear, compassionate and direct. I will reveal to you what you want to reveal to yourself, but haven’t. And I’ll do it with heart. This is an investment in yourself. I work with clients who are ready to go all the way into themselves. To claim their own sovereignty, their inalienable birthright. To become their own authority. To be the creators of their own lives. Eyes and hearts wide open. Nothing half way. This is transformation.

The focus of our work together…

  • coming into awareness of true you and claiming your sovereignty
  • compassionately opening up to self love and acceptance
  • clearing and releasing beliefs, patterns, issues and programming that limit your life
  • applying your new awareness, creativity and passion into daily life, relationships and work life

I only work with people who take full responsibility for their own lives and creations. If you feel inspired to take the next step, contact me and let’s chat.