Life Coach

Hi. I’m Jessica Sackett.


I’m all about you becoming true you. Claiming your personal sovereignty and creatorship. Choosing self love and acceptance. Making well being a priority. And I’m passionate about infusing that into every part of life, including the workplace.

I’m a life coach. An inspirer of consciousness. I’m NOT a guru, I am a guide. The difference is in where you place your power – and I will always ask you to place your power in yourself. Yes, I’ve completed a coaching program and received a variety of certifications. I have years of business experience (buyer for Nordstrom, corporate trainer for David’s Bridal, outreach specialist for University of Wisconsin-Madison, entrepreneur). I have a unique set of skills and experiences, but more importantly, I’m someone who’s done the work for myself, on myself, and can make the way simpler and more efficient for others (if they so choose).

As I’ve learned — sometimes the hard way — philosophy, theory and wisdom are only as good as their practical and effective application in daily life. I’ve attended workshops, learned a variety of modalities, and read so many of the books and material available on personal growth and awakening the consciousness. It is my ability to distill and clarify all of this potent information into simple yet powerful truths that serves me and my clients so well. I feel a deep passion to share the wisdom I’ve gleaned. Because I know that awakening and discovering one’s true self is a journey fraught with uncertainty and fear, I want to help when it gets hardest. Not as a crutch, but as a strong guiding hand.

Much of my time has been invested in coming to understand issues I’ve held deep within — issues which are core to us all. Understanding things about self-love, things about acceptance of self; how to feel and sense in expanded and natural ways; understanding how to get out of this whole cycle and drama of victim energy in order to claim sovereignty and creatorship and joy that is your birthright; how to move beyond the limitations of the mind into the imagination, intuition and expanded awareness and consciousness. By going through these processes myself and understanding the energetics, understanding some of the physics and understanding how it impacts me in every different way, it has given me the tools, the knowledge and the wisdom to be who I truly am and to do the work I came here to do. To get to the point of truly living…in joy, in compassion, in love, in sovereignty. Absolutely free. I feel strongly that daily life is most enjoyable and satisfying when it is a reflection of what we value, what we want and who we truly are. Why else do the work?

In addition, I seem to carry the energy of change within me. When I’m around, things change. Always have. Not just change for change’s sake, but real transformation: the shift into what’s authentic, natural, beautiful. Being absolutely free to be who you truly are. Think of the caterpillar and the butterfly. The butterfly is within the caterpillar. In order to become the butterfly, the caterpillar must allow itself to surrender to what it truly is, to its true self. It need only let go of its caterpillar self, surrendering into the transformation of the chrysalis. Only then can it allow its butterfly self to emerge. Transformed. True. Free to fly.

It takes great courage and inner strength to change from what is known and comfortable to something which is new and fresh. That which is unknown often contains our greatest potential. To step courageously from the old ways and habits into new directions and endeavors will bring great favor.

~ Aristotle

Contact me, if you wish to know more.

Photo Credits: Chad Becker




  1. every beauty break is exquisite. you explode the word and make it more stunning with each post. i truly, truly enjoy your design instinct, your joy, and your clarity about not being a guru. 🙂
    (i’m not sure why we need them… your beauty breaks just glow the rightness of matter.)


  2. Hello Jessica – what an incredible blog you are sharing, I am so excited to find you and all your wonderful, inspiring words, images and energies. I am looking forward to following you from now on 🙂


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