Wise Words: Root Causes

This week’s Friday Focus is about getting at the root causes of obstacles keeping you from being who you truly are and having the life you truly want. Once we’re motivated to look within, it’s important to have the support and resources to do the work. Enter the divine Carla Berg.

She is the author of the book/card set called Divine Demons: Reclaiming the Power of Your Destiny. Carla is another one who has done the work and in so doing created tools to support herself and others, many of which are free on her website at www.divinepotentials.com.

“I’ll admit, I wrote and used them out of sheer desperation. I needed the insights and inspiration they hold to get me through the darkest moments…”

According to her, it is common that these obstacles originate from past experiences, relationships, and authority figures, showing up in the form of fears, doubts and limiting beliefs. She has a deep and abiding passion for digging down to the root causes of things that hold us back in life – especially fears and doubts.  She talks openly and honestly about her experiences on her path of self-discovery on her website.

“…in the process, [I] broke down old belief systems about worthiness, lack, failure, powerlessness, rejection, and self-doubt. I found strength and courage I never knew I had, and most importantly, I gained a level of trust and compassion that will carry me through life.

It is my sincere belief that we all have greatness in us and that if we follow our passions, we will find it. Not only that, if every human followed their passions, we could create heaven on earth for all.”

Carla’s book/card set is for sale on her website. She also does individual sessions. They are powerful and transformative. I know from personal experience. Thank you Carla!

If you’re interested in getting at the root causes of things you’re facing, I encourage you to use these cards. It’s an easy way to get started on your own work. Insights are just a click or two away at www.divinepotentials.com. For other resources, click here.


Photo by Tom Seliskar

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  1. If you take the steps to find out who you really are and what beliefs reside in your subconscious….you can see how your life has been guided by your beliefs..some serving and some not. This work is truly the most empowering work I’ve ever done and my life has improved tremendously since.


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