Wise Words: YOU

These days the world is a noisy place. It’s chaotic, distracting, tiring and even, at times, a little frightening. That’s not yours. None of that is you.

It’s important, even if it sounds a little (or a lot) cliche, to take time to be with you. To get back to you. To feel centered in you. I would even say that in today’s environment, it’s no longer a luxury, but a requirement. Don’t dismiss the idea because every woman’s magazine, talk show and blog has suggested it. Take it to heart. See the simple wisdom in this simple act.

The weekend is here. What will you do for you? I hear your excuses already. Family demands. Obligations you’re committed to. But now is the time to begin making you a priority. So what’s it going to be. It’s simple. Make a choice and begin. It can be as simple as this:

Take a bath. Just 30 minutes. Lock the door. Light a candle. And have a long, hot soak. Take some deep breaths. Tell your mind to shut up. Let it all wash away. Water is such a good support for you. Literally. It cleanses on many levels. It relaxes. It reminds you to be in the flow. Add some sea salt and you’re helping your body to remove unwanted toxins.

Take a walk. A stroll. This isn’t a workout, it’s about well being. The weather is changing. Nature is in it’s full glory. What a great time to get out and enjoy the the natural world. Notice what you smell, see, feel. Breathe deeply. With each step, let it all fall away. Just be with you. Right here, right now.

Sit in silence. Find your favorite spot to cozy up and relax. Take a few deep breaths. Sip some tea. Be still. Listen to what comes. Be at ease. Make sure it’s quiet and that you won’t be disturbed. Just allow yourself to relax into you.

I once gave this as an assignment in one of my workshops. When the group met again the following week, I had them share how the experience had been for them. Many found it challenging to shift their patterns of putting others ahead of themselves, but most found a way to do the assignment. One woman shared that the only way she could get any alone time from her busy family life was to lock herself in the laundry room. She found that her family avoided the area, it was warm and fairly quiet and she liked the fresh, comforting scents of the detergents. No excuses from her. I applaud her ingenuity and commitment to self!  You are where you are and you have to start there. Wishing otherwise is futile and a waste of your time and energy.

Further thoughts on the subject…

This isn’t about distraction, it’s about connection.
This isn’t about being with others, it’s about being alone with you, in your own energies.
This isn’t about being active, it’s about stillness, mental stillness.
This isn’t about thinking, it’s about sensing and feeling.
This isn’t about being external, it’s about being internal, turning inward, focusing on you.

What will you do to connect with you? How can you feel self nurtured this weekend?

Here’s to you being with you! Here’s to you putting you first for a bit…or a lot! Because self betrayal is the worst kind of betrayal.

Happy weekend everyone!


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